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Arctic Linnea works with Nordic companies to develop and expand their global markets.

Arctic Linnea is your hands-on partner in the development and expansion of your brand outside your domestic market. We offer three different types of service and depending on your needs, you choose the services that are relevant to you. Our main goal is to increase your turnover outside your home market as that will allow you to keep developing your business.


Advising and coaching on the sales process; from having the winning attitude and creating sales leads to developing and delivering the best possible sales pitch. We are also able to advise you on creating marketing and sales messages that resonate with a global customer base.

Strategic Business Development

We work together with you to develop a strategic plan for your focus markets. This involves identifying the target markets and customers, understanding the value you offer to each target market and finding the win-win solutions that allow you to close deals.

Hands-on Sales

At the end of the day, all that matters are the sales that you are able to generate. Arctic Linnea is your hands-on sales resource; we work with potential customers worldwide in order to execute strategy and generate actual bottom line to your company.

My name is Inkeri Mentzoni and I am the founder of Arctic Linnea. My mission is to put my sales and market development skill to work in order to help Nordic companies to grow and develop their global business.

I see a world full of great companies, but many struggle as they don’t generate enough revenue to keep expanding their business. At the same time, after living in the United States for fifteen years and having sold to customers in North and South America, Asia and Europe I know there are markets out there. I want Arctic Linnea to be able to help you to find those markets, close the actual deals and further develop your business.

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